About Us

Description of organisation

A Moroccan polling organization, the GSC is a scientific research organization that specializes in conducting surveys and research. GSC leads a work of analysis and reflection on public policies by conducting qualitative and quantitative surveys on behalf of various international and national institutions. GSC has different teams and involves many associate researchers, senior experts and more than 60 surveyors and interviewers. The organization has a track record of projects completed for local and regional authorities in Morocco, including population census and municipal development plans.  GSC collaborated with many international and national organizations. GSC had collaborated also with many U.S. universities, and also with the Arab Barometer group.

Lead person

Dr. Mhammed Abderebbi : President and co-founder of Global for Survey and Consulting organization based in Casablanca- Morocco. He has over a decade of experience designing and implementing surveys related to gender, political attitudes, democratic practices, the social and political participation and countering violent extremism… A professor of sociology at Hassan II University in Casablanca, he possesses significant hands-on expertise designing and facilitating survey questionnaires, key informant interviews, and focus group discussions. Prof. Abderebbi has also served as an evaluation expert on donor agency programs, including several times for USAID. In Morocco, he is a director of Arab barometer survey, director of Afro barometer survey, director of Arab Trans Project survey and Director of World Value Survey. He speaks French, English and Arabic.


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     Name of organization: Global for Survey and Consulting

     Adresse : 26 Avenue Mers Sultan, Etage 1. Appt 3. Casablanca. Morocco
     Phone : (+212)

     Mail : abderebbimhammed@gsconsulting.ma